Corinna Dunkel

A universe of fragile harmony

It is in the northern tip of Berlin that Corinna Dunkel has been freelancing as an artist for a good many years. Her artistic focus is on the large format and she does coloured crayon work with a realistic perspective. This way she creates a whole universe with a multitude of very fine strokes.

Her art encompasses subjects such as eroticism, harmony, threat or fears.

What is displayed in her pictures is full of diversity and surprising angles: There are still lifes that she has arranged herself. You will find faces reflected in mirrors or landscapes with a rather surreal touch. And then again, invidual objects like scarves or cushions seem to come alive.

Her drawings and paintings boast some regular features, mainly stripes, drapery, flowers or dolls. Tackling graphic work and sculpture is part of the approach to her work.

In her stills she will use photos of her own, but also such from public media. Combining them with real-life objects, she achieves and sends complex messages. Entire stories develop.

The refraction of light and the looming shadow lend space to her pictures. By generously dimensining large portions of her picture with colour pencil work, the tenderness of the object on display merges with the substrate.

A quite particular affect is brought about by the surface structure of the paper used, which, depending on the quality chosen, will appear more or less strong.

Claudia Kursawe

Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl)





Kommunikationszentrum Velten
Picaflor-Immobilien, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Burg Friedland, Niederlausitz
Picaflor-Immobilien, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Zimmer 16, camera dell` arte, Theater in Berlin-Pankow
Centre Bagatelle Frohnau
Hofgarten, Berlin Tegel
Terra Frohnau
Galerie 411, Restaurant City-Kaufhaus, Berlin-Spandau

Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl)





10.Lange Nacht im Kunstzentrum Tegel-Süd
„Wasserwelten“, Hofgarten Tegel
„Elf stellen sich vor“ Künstlerempfang in der Humboldt-Bibliothek
9.Lange Nacht im Kunstzentrum Tegel-Süd
Achzig Galerie, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
„Grün“, zur IGA, Centre Bagatelle Frohnau
Kölner Liste
Atelierhof Kreuzberg
4 x Grafik, Kunstzentrum-Tegel-Süd, Berlin
8.Lange Nacht im Kunstzentrum Tegel-Süd
PAF, Parallax Art Fair, London
7. Lange Nacht im Kunstzentrum Tegel-Süd
Centre Bagatelle Frohnau

In Vorbereitung für 2019



FNK, Freie Nordberliner Kunstausstellung 13.4.-28.4.
Showroom, Mercedes Benz, Holzhauserstr. Mai-Juni
Tage der offenen Ateliers in Brandenburg 4.5-5.5.
Reinickendorfer Atelierwochenende 25.5-26.5.
"Ins Blaue" Gruppenausstellung Kunstverein Centre



Galerie Spektrum Frankfurt/Oder